Our experienced staff is dedicated to their work and strive for higher productivity and quality. 

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We are trying to save the cost of moulded products and safe energy used. As the result we pass our savings achived to our clients.


If short runs are required - we will do it!
If urgent work needs to be completed after hours - we will do it

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Injectaplast Services CC established in 1997 and since then was providing different industries with plastics injection moulded products.

The company is small and flexible and can meet all your requirements as a client for injection moulded plastic products.

We have 4 Arburg fully hydrolic injection moulding machines and necessary auxiliary equipment and can mould plastic components up to 150 grams in weight.


Gold Sun Industries is using small plastic components moulded by Injectaplast Services since year 2000. During this time the business changed a lot in plastic furniture industry putting a lot of pressure on cost saving and efficency. Injectaplast Services did not increase its prices for some years to help us to be more competitive in a market place. And also on numerous occasions we discovered that the company is very competitive with the prices for small products moulded with the weights up to 15 grams. Injectaplast Services also accommodated us with small quantities deliveries and with the urgent deliveries.
Steven, Production Manager
Gold Sun Industries (Pty( Ltd Gold Sun Industries (Pty( Ltd
We are at Reflex Photo are very happy working with Injectaplast services for many years. They supply us with clear key rings and we want to continue our business relationships for many other years to come. Well done!
Reflex Photo Photography Reflex Photo Photography
Injectaplast Services supplying our company with components since 1998. Through these years we worked together on producing Quality Electronic devices for Agricultural and other industries. Injectaplast Services made injection moulds as per our requirements and was always trying its best to supply us with good quality components and on-time delivery. We are happy to be services by this company.
Gerald Bidder and Frances
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Gold Sun Industries (Pty) Ltd
Illumina (Pty) Ltd
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